A Transformational Leader

Motivated by his 2020 vision of transforming "Binalonan into a progressive University Town that’s anchored on a virtuous citizenry," Mayor Ramon “Mon-Mon” V. Guico III stays true to his commitment of driving his beloved hometown, Binalonan, into an important growth area in North Luzon.

Guided by the core values he believes in, the very principles he tries to imbue to his constituents – “Maka-Diyos,” “Marunong,” and “Malinis” – Mayor Mon-Mon implements projects and programs that are lasting, relevant, and beneficial to all.

Mayor Mon-Mon’s efforts are geared towards priming the countryside, opening new opportunities for trade and investment, and promoting sustainable development for generations to come.

Once this vision is realized and the town becomes truly progressive, Mayor Mon-Mon, and all that believed in him can only say, “Binalonan and Galing!”

What people say of Mayor Mon-Mon...