Political Career


Even when politics runs in the family, Mayor Mon-Mon never imagined to be in government. But he was challenged and wanted to prove what real public service is all about.


The young Mon-Mon ran for Vice Mayor in 2007 under Lakas-KAMPI and won. In 2010, greatly inspired by the economic and political transformation of Binalonan, he ran for town mayor - determined more than ever to further the developments started by his grandfather and father through programs strongly aligned on improving the town’s infrastructure, providing affordable healthcare to Binalonians, creating jobs and livelihood, making quality education accessible to the poor and turning the entire town into a “Clean and Green” municipality.


Under his administration, Mayor Mon-Mon pushed for transparency and accountability while promoting the core values that shape the character of a true Binalonian: Maka-Diyos, Marunong, Malinis. Thus, in his second year as town executive, the Municipality of Binalonan was conferred the Seal of Good Housekeeping in 2011 by the Department of Local and Interior Government.


A champion of culture, Mayor Mon-Mon also spearheads efforts focused on reviving the people’s interest in their Binalonian heritage and creating a new sense of appreciation for their town. As a passionate educator, he has raised the quality of education for his constituents by building the first government-owned university in Binalonan, the University of Eastern Pangasinan (UEP), giving hope to those who can’t afford a quality college degree and enabling them to pursue their individual passions and become productive citizens of the town.

What people say of Mayor Mon-Mon...