Agriculture is one of the legacies of Mayor Mon-Mon’s late grandfather, Mayor Ramon J. Guico Sr., having been awarded as the country’s “Farmer of the Year” in 1977. As politics ran in the family, so is farming and agriculture. The third generation of Mayor Guico, Mon-Mon that is, had worked on completing the supply-distribution-retail chain of agricultural products. This is why hog raisers, corn produce for cornick production, plants for essential oil extraction, palay farmers – all these will have a continuous demand in the retail market.

Here are some existing and future agricultural programs and projects:

  • Continuous goat dispersals
  • Continuous farmers training for palay production
  • Establishment of a Department of Agriculture in UEP to provide continuous research and training (a future project)
  • Working together with the “Pambansang Baboy Corporation” for the distribution and rettail of contract grown organic swine for lechon, Binalonan longanisa, and cornick.

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