Transparency and Good Governance

Mayor Mon-Mon Guico III Public Speaking“Tal Pueblo, Tal Gobyerno. – Rizal. The people are defined by the government they follow.”

Transparency and Good Governance has always been the advocacy of Mayor Ramon “Mon-Mon” V. Guico III. In fact, it is one of the main reasons he joined local politics – to set an example and to make Binalonan the benchmark of positive transformation.

His vision and foresight, his management skills, his emphasis on proper planning, his confidence in people empowerment, his firm stance on accountability, all these resulted in major awards and citations, like the Seal of Good Housekeeping and Champion CLUP. With excellent fiscal management, Binalonan has, for the first time, broken the one hundred million income barrier by approving ONE HUNDRED FOUR MILLION PESOS (Php 104,000,000.00) annual budget for the fiscal year of 2013. Thus, more projects will be mounted in the near future.

VP Binay awards Mayor Guico the CLUP Gold Award for the CLUP Zero Backlog Project in Baguio City, March 17, 2013

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