A rich agricultural town, Binalonan is endowed with fertile lands perfect for planting rice, corn, sugar cane, vegetables and fruit bearing trees. It’s little surprise that the town is fast becoming one of Pangasinan’s top producers of rice and mangoes, and a leading supplier of chicacorn, a popular Pinoy snack.


Through the office of the Municipal Agriculturist, agricultural programs are being aggressively pushed to provide farmers with skills-based training, while the adoption of new technology through the Farmers’ Field School is being introduced in response to the evolving trends and needs in land farming. Methods on improving the quality of rice are taught in seminars and workshops including Palay Check, Palay Check Techno-Demo and School on Air.

Longganisa-making and banana chips production are other industries, which Binalonan seeks to capitalize on. These bite-sized native delicacies generate decent income for many families. Under the initiative of Mayor Mon-Mon, Binalonan plans to turn these cottage industries into one of the town’s main exports through proper packaging and labeling.

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