Social Services

“We help those who help themselves.”

Mayor Mon-Mon’s stand on social services programs is both philosophical and principle-laden. He may not have increased the local appropriation for financial assistance from the local budget but he enhanced the existing DSWD/MSWD programs for a more effective and meaningful delivery of welfare services. As an example, straight dole-out’s has been converted to “cash-for-work” scheme in order for the people to realize the principle of hard work. Feeding programs in school have been conducted with the principle that “a nourished body will enhance a child’s mental capacity for learning,” thus will lead to a better performance in school.

So, why did he not increase the local budget on social welfare? Simply because you don’t need it to end poverty! What’s needed are livelihood, more investments for more employment opportunities, skills training and education. INCREASE THE PURCHASE POWER OF THE PEOPLE, NOT THEIR DEPENDENCY ON WELFARE ASSISTANCE! But this has not stopped Mayor Mon-Mon from improving the delivery of more PhilHealth cards, more medical services, more medicines, more shelter, more information drive on health and family – he has managed to zero-in on the basic human necessities by providing a rationalized MSWD program through his personal network and his family’s personal capacity.

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