Binalonan may not have been blessed with natural attractions such as beaches, lakes, and mountains, but this does not stop the Municipality in creating tourism programs. Mayor Ramon “Mon-Mon” V. Guico III believes so much in the town’s HUMAN RESOURCE and thus laid the foundations, the impetus for a comprehensive tourism program.

The University Town is in itself a tourism program. Students from other towns and cities who will go to Binalonan to study will be like long-stay tourists who will spend their money on food, transportation, accommodation, clothing and supplies. This will boost the local economy.

The town’s plaza and parks will be improved and rehabilitated, a project that has started with the Public Auditorium, in order to create a “Garden Municipality.” Wifi will be made available in the Rock Garden, Auditorium, Food Terminal, Municipal Hall Complex, and the UEP campus.

In the long term, the following tourism projects will be mounted by Mayor Mon-Mon:

  • Establishment of a Convention Center by rehabilitating the gymnasium. Air conditioning units and seats will also be installed
  • Establishment of a “Binalonan Museum for History, Culture, and Arts.” Works have started by the initial acquisition of the original manuscripts of Carlos Bulosan, Binalonan’s local literary hero; and the documentation of these materials and other memorabilia by Dr. Cecilia Daranciang. Mayor Mon-Mon has also received some items of the late Chief Justice Manuel Moran, donated by his granddaughter, Miss Universe and arts advocate Ms. Margarita Moran-Floirendo.
  • Establishment of a festival every month of October in time for the students’ semestral break and All Saint’s Days celebration. It will be an Octoberfest of sorts with a Halloween costume party twist. This is in the drawing board of the town’s local events organizers.

While the abovementioned plans are still upcoming projects, the town is continually sourcing tourism budgets and increasing its local income to fund all these in the future. In the meantime, having established hotels, having an airport (the only airport in Pangasinan II), are signs that the Guico administration has started the important foundations for Binalonan tourism to grow.

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